46 Dodge


46 Dodge is a proposed 8-story market rate multifamily development to be located off the SWC of 46th Street and Dodge Street, Omaha, NE.  It is in the wildly popular Midtown area of Omaha with its multiple dining, work and living options. The University of Nebraska Medical Center is within blocks as is the Blackstone entertainment area. Dodge is a major arterial that provides easy access metro-wide to employment and educational centers. The Med Center has pledged to support all projects that would bring thousands of their employees to living within walking distance of their large and growing campus. 

The addition of the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) along Dodge St. within the next year to 18 months is also a major plus. Long-term plans call for Light Rail going down Farnam Street, which is within three blocks. 

Upon completion of the development, the project will offer a total of 278 multifamily living units in a single 5-story wood frame levels over a 3-story garage parking garage with the bottom level being partially subgrade. A roof-top courtyard with a dog park area, benches, a bocce court, BBQ grills and an outdoor patio/kitchen/pool will exist on-site.  In the interior, the project will have luxurious community, fitness and recreation areas, as well as a leasing office.